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Allergy Proofing your Home – Building for Healthy Living

Allergy Proofing your Home – Building for Healthy Living

We are seeing more new homes designed with healthier living in mind.
If you suffer from seasonal allergies, these tips below will help you reduce allergens around your home.


1/ What is the number one item for allergy proofing your home?

  • Select a hard flooring surface. Use wood, vinyl or tile products.
    Carpets are one of your number one enemies.
    Regularly clean and wash.

2/ Heating and air conditioning source 

  • Opt for a ductless system.
    Prevents build up and the spread of allergens, plus in traditional ducted systems dander, pollen, etc. tend to linger.

3/ Install an air exchanger/air cleaner

  • Life Breathe air circulation/cleaner system with HEPA filters is a great example.
    Removes pollen, dander and other air born allergens.
    Try to adjust the system so that clean air is directed at your head when you sleep.

4/ Is ventilation a big consideration?

  • Key for kitchens and bathrooms.
    Install and use an exhaust fan to reduce moisture while taking baths or showers.
    Install and use vented exhaust fan to remove cooking fumes and reduce moisture in the kitchen. Most stove-top hoods simply filter cooking particulates without venting outside.

5/ What about the use of fireplaces?

  • According to some reports, you should avoid use of wood-burning fireplaces or stoves because smoke and gases can worsen respiratory allergies.
    Most natural gas fireplaces won’t cause this problem.

Other tips that are important to note

  • Even things like curtains and horizontal blinds are prone to dust build up.
    Better option is to install roller blinds in an easy clean material.

Visit our Featured Listings page to see properties for sale that have been designed with healthy living in mind.

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